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SEO /M Services

Search Engine Optimization and Management

Search Engine Optimization and Management (SEO /M) are the terms used to describe the process which determines or alters a web site's popularity on the internet. To advertisment this is essential. SEO is no longer a simplistic chore but now involves sophisticated tools, effort, diligence and know how.

We have created 5 specific services to contend with this complex issue and it's relationship to the many business models that exist. Not all services are necessary for all businesses where some combination or even just one service may produce the desired results. The following will briefly explain these services and how they may assist your company realize it's goals.


SEO Consulting

We can train your internal SEO staff with our expertise.

SEO Design Evaluation

Whether you are building a new site or redesigning an existing site we can provide a design evaluation service to ensure that it is built in accordance with todays SEO standards.

SEO Site Assessment

Discovery Interview
Site Evaluation.
Assessment Report and Recommendations.
Consulting Services.

Monitoring and SEO Tools

Utilization of technology and tools to monitor the trends of your site's ranking.
Statistical Analysis.
Consulting Services

90 Day Starter Package

Combining the the above to get your company off on the right foot. It cannot be stressed how important this is, because once the search engines have you listed it's even more difficult to correct or sway their assessments of you. Get it right the first time!

Full Service Package - 1 year

All of the above to guarantee your success for one complete year.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click

AdWords Campaign Initial Evaluation
Effective Copy and Content Writing
AdWord Keywords List Development
AdWords Account and Seeding Setup
Adwords Conversions Monitoring and Reporting
Adwords Adjustments




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