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Terms & Agreement
Terms & Agreement

1. This agreement grants a revocable license to the holder, or their designate, for one time use of ComSoft Systems Web Interface, as well as ComSoft Systems Modules and proprietary software. All software, intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights and patents remain the sole property of ComSoft Systems.

2. All permissions granted and operation of ComSoft Systems software are subject to change without notice at ComSoft Systems discretion

3. A specific demo may not be used with any other promotional offer unless specifically designated or in lieu of a fully operating and paid system.

4. The license granted and use is non-refundable, cannot be sold, and will not be replaced if expired, destroyed, lost or stolen. It may not be used for advertising promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or other purposes without the prior written consent of ComSoft Systems.

5. Use by anyone other than the purchaser (or whom they have designated in the license agreement) will result in revoking of permissions without refund and ejection from the system. This agreement for demo viewing permits access to only those modules indicated on by previous agreement.

6. Management reserves the right to revoke use of ComSoft Systems servers and software at any time without refund if misused, abused, or if the holder fails to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of ComSoft Systems. Users may be removed at any time by refund of the purchase price.

7. The user agrees to the posted regulations and conditions of use of ComSoft Systems.

8. Any attempt to save, record, tape or by any means reproduce this software from ComSoft Systems will result in proscecution to the full extend of the law. ComSoft Systems management reserves the right to remove from the system those visitors breaking any law or regulation, without compensation.

9. Release - user assumes all risks to data, and releases ComSoft Systems, and their management, partners, agents or employees from any liability for property loss or damage, whether occurring prior to, during or after visiting ComSoft Systems software and Web Interface whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

10. SMS or email may experience delays. If communications are mission critical, please request confirmation of receipt of messages or use some other verification of message receipt.

11. For additional information about our ComSoft Systems, call (416) 525-9201.




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